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 Click for a larger image Coldflow supply and install PlantWatch, integrated solutions for all Monitoring, Surveillance and Remote Management requirements.

PlantWatch allows you complete control of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, heating and other systems. Up to 32 instruments can be connected to the system, including controls for cabinets, cold rooms, compressor packs, roof top units, chillers, lights, boilers, etc.

PlantWatch records the Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and all other values used in the control of your system. For each critical situation, you can decide if PlantWatch activates a siren, sends a FAX, sends an SMS message to your GSM mobile phone, saves the event, prints it or calls Coldflow !

MasterPlant software allows us to monitor, log and maintain the performance of your systems.

For an obligation free quote on monitoring your systems using the PlantWatch system, please contact us.

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